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  • Sport Carnivals

    Sports Carnivals WynKids Sports Carnival is a fun day of sport and games for primary school aged and vacation care groups. The program is designed to promote physical exercise, communication, team-work, and social engagement. Our sports carnivals are delivered as a round-robin rotation of sports and activities, each round is 45 minutes. Participants will be… Read more »

  • Holiday Sport Sessions

    Holiday Sports Sessions The WynKids Holiday Sports Session is a sports and recreation program for school-aged children with a sports and recreation, activity-based focus. Designed for children aged 5-11, the WynKids Holiday Program is program that is designed and lead by our amazing program leaders. Each session is slightly different and is made up of… Read more »


    To ensure the safety of all patrons and staff, venue operations and related activities will occur under strict guidelines as directed by the relevant governing bodies, Government and Safe Work Australia. WynActive, Licensees and Hire groups are responsible for meeting key requirements.

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    UNITY CUP 2023

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  • PickleBall

    Come and try social pickleball

  • Eagle Gym Takes Flight

    Eagle Gym takes flight Eagle Stadium holds pride in being known as an iconic community facility, with many people attending the Stadium to build healthier lifestyles through recreation and sports. Eagle Stadium is known as the place for sports and simply put, there is also a gym! A whole new world inside this Stadium that… Read more »

  • Eagle Stadium to LED the way

    Eagle Stadium to “LED” the way Eagle Stadium is a widely used spaces throughout the year and require an adequate type of lighting, capable of guaranteeing a reduction in energy and maintenance costs. In the winter months, for example, the flow of natural lighting is significantly reduced and this can cause shaded and dark areas…. Read more »

  • Birthday Parties

    Choose your packageInvite your friends Let the fun begin BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGES Package 1 $450.00 Package includes: *Court Hire *Access to sports equipment *Unfacilitated – no birthday party host *After event clean up Package 2 Starting at $550.00 Package includes: *Court Hire *Access to sports equipment *Birthday party host to lead exciting activities (1 host per… Read more »

  • WynKids

    Join in on all the fun!

  • Wyndham Basketball Association

    Werribee Basketball Associations