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Gold Membership
$ 23 .00 per week
  • No joining fee
  • No minimum term
  • Aquatic access at AquaPulse (pools, spa, sauna, steam room)
  • Health & Fitness and Group Fitness access at AquaPulse
  • Health & Fitness and Group Fitness access at Eagle Stadium
  • Casual Court Entry at Eagle Stadium (restrictions apply)
  • FREE access to Wyn-on-demand online classes
  • Access to Werribee Outdoor Pool (seasonal)
  • Concession price $19.50 per week (Senior, Youth & Student)
WynSwim Membership
$ 24 .90 per week
  • $31.10 enrolment fee (one-off fee)
  • No minimum term
  • A swim school membership gives the student access to the Centre during opening times
  • FREE entry for 1 adult (to supervise student)
  • Access to the Werribee Outdoor Pool (seasonal)

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