Eagle Stadium to "LED" the way

Eagle Stadium is a widely used spaces throughout the year and require an adequate type of lighting, capable of guaranteeing a reduction in energy and maintenance costs. In the winter months, for example, the flow of natural lighting is significantly reduced and this can cause shaded and dark areas. The Assets and Environment team at Eagle Stadium found it essential to use LED lighting fixtures for all 12 courts (16 – 20 lights per court), to ensure visual comfort for players and spectators with uniform lighting of all areas of the structure, increasing the gaming experience and reducing energy costs and maintenance of the structure.
The LED lights that replace all the old style globes are produced to have minimal fading over time, therefore a much longer life span. The “old style” globes saw an increased number of broken lights that need to replaced which meant more broken globes ended up in landfills, and more down time on courts due to lighting inconsistencies.
The recent upgrade in the lighting system will see:
  • Uniform illumination: Reduction in shadow areas and high visual comfort.
  • Cost reduction: Efficient LED system with reduced maintenance.
  • Increase the experience: Hosting more official sporting competitions in a safe and cutting-edge environment.