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Eagle Stadium regularly hosts a variety of local, state, and national events that range from cultural festivals, sports tournaments and performing arts competitions. We proudly host a number of return events each year and welcome new events on a regular basis. As event hosts, we maintain proper oversight of event activities and assign appropriate staff resourcing to ensure events are safely, and successfully delivered. Events at Eagle Stadium regularly coincide with our regular programs and services, resulting in a vibrant hub of activity.
As a local community recreation facility, Eagle Stadium is not an appropriate venue for all types of events, and there are a range of factors taken into consideration when determining if specific events are suitable. Key considerations include the general nature of events, associated risks, safety and insurance requirements, conditions of occupancy, temporary structures and equipment, food preparation requirements and more.
If you are interested in hosting an event at Eagle Stadium, please submit your initial enquiry via the button below so we can quickly determine if your proposed event can be hosted at Eagle Stadium.