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WynSenior is a program designed for over 60s, allowing participants to access WynActive facilities and services at a discounted rate. The program includes specialty Group Fitness classes, tailored to the 60+ age group to increase strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. Participation in WynSenior services will help to improve confidence and reduce the risk of falls. WynSenior is:

  • delivered in a safe and welcoming environment with people of similar age
  • tailored to your individual needs and goals
  • supervised by skilled, qualified instructors


WynSenior Group Fitness Class$7.50
Gym Session$7.50
Gym Consultation$10.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you need to be to attend WynSenior?
    60 or over.

How does WynSenior differ from the Active Senior Membership?
    WynSenior is designed for patrons wanting casual use of WynActive facilities (the better option for patrons who plan on exercising 1-2 days a week). If patrons are coming in 3 days or more consistently,they would be better to upgrade to the Active Senior Membership.

Do WynSeniors need to fill out any paperwork?
    Wynsenior patrons will need to be added to the WynActive database as guests. They will need medical clearance before they are able to use the facilities.

How do we identify WynSenior patrons in the gym?
    WynSenior patrons will be given a teal colored wristband when they check in and pay at the service desk.

What time can WynSenior members attend the gym?
    Anytime during opening hours. There are no time restraints.

Do WynSenior patrons have to have a gym consultation?
    No, but they are strongly encouraged to.

Will the gym be supervised while WynSeniors exercise?
    Yes, the gym will always have at least one fitness coach on duty to supervise the floor and assist WynSenior patrons.

Can WynSenior patrons use WynActive facilities on public holidays?

Can WynSeniors do other classes on the timetable that are not specifically WynSenior classes?
    Yes, however patrons will pay the general admission price for non-WynSenior classes, not the discounted price.

Can under 60s do a WynSenior Class?
    Yes, however if the person is not a WynActive member they will pay the general group fitness price.

Do WynSenior patrons need to stay for the full length of a group fitness class?
    No, WynSenior patrons can partake in as much of the class as they would like. If they want to try out a class and leave partway through, that is ok.

Can WynSeniors do Aqua Aerobics?
    Yes, there is a WynSenior Aqua Aerobics class on the group fitness timetable at AquaPulse

Still have questions? Enquire below

You can speak to us in the gym or call the Services desk at Eagle Staium on (03) 8734 5677 to find out more.