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WBA coach Renee Dayao talks about her progress as a coach and more!!

Unfortunately, Renee did not make it as the National finalists for the 2017 Vicinity Centres Aussie Hoops Coach of the Year. We at WBA consider Renee as a coach with a lot of potential. WBA media met Renee Dayao to talk about the Aussie Hoops Coach of the Year nomination, her love for coaching, basketball and much more.


WBA Media: How did it feel to be nominated for AH coach of the year?

Renee Dayao: At first, I was super surprised and shocked but overall, I was incredibly humbled and excited to be nominated!


WBA Media: What do you love the most about coaching? 

Renee Dayao: For anyone who knows me, they know that I absolutely love kids so coaching Aussie Hoops has been so much fun. I love the fact that I have the opportunity to make a positive impact on children's lives whether it's related to basketball or not, and it makes my job so much more fulfilling.


WBA Media: How has the WBA helped you in achieving your success as a coach?

Renee Dayao: The WBA have been a tremendous help in achieving success and bettering myself as a coach. It is thanks to the people at the WBA that I am able to coach at Aussie Hoops, DDP and holiday camps and continue to improve and gain greater insight as a coach.


WBA Media: What are your future aspirations as a coach and otherwise?

Renee Dayao: As a coach and a student, my priority right now is to finish high school and then look at my options at university, and hopefully land a double degree in criminology and psychology. I wouldn’t completely rule out coaching as a possible career path. To pursue a full-time career in coaching would be an absolute dream come true.


WBA Media: Would you like to thank anyone in particular for your growth as a coach?

Renee Dayao: There are so many people who have been such positive influences and I am so extremely grateful for each and every one of them. A few honourable mentions to Dave Abel who coached me for almost 10 years as a junior and made such an enormous impact on my basketball journey and also to Reece Potter, Dion Jewell and Andrew Summerville who have provided me with nothing but support, for which I am so incredibly grateful. Most importantly, I’d like to thank my number one fans; my mum and dad!


The WBA would like to congratulate Renee for being nominated for Aussie Hoops Coach of the Year!! She has been a huge part of the growth of Aussie Hoops at Werribee Basketball, through her tireless efforts to improve herself as a coach and her enthusiastic and caring attitude on-court. We sincerely hope that Renee wins the Aussie Hoops Coach of the Year Award. Please join us in congratulating Renee on her achievement!