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Keep up to date with all scheduled maintenance and closures

Thur 20th June 2019: The Cafe at Eagle Stadium has reopened after an unscheduled closure yesterday. We thank you for your understanding.

Eagle Stadium Roof Leaks – Status Update:

  • Wyndham City has continued to investigate the cause of the ongoing water ingress issues
  • An interim rectification measure began on Thursday 9 August in an initial attempt to mitigate the water ingress to the facility
  • There is not one single cause for the water entering the building. Whilst council is confident that the interim measures will limit the extent of water ingress, leaks may still be present during rain events
  • Council is continuing to work with all parties to determine a long-term permanent solution

Current Closures

All issues affecting the availability of facilities at Eagle Stadium are communicated first on Facebook.

It is our policy to update this section of the website ASAP when significant changes to the availability of facilities are likely to impact upon our members and guests.

Most instances where we are anticipating only a short-term, temporary change to the availability of facilities, with limited impact upon our members and guests, this section of the website will be unlikely to reflect those details.

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Scheduled Maintenance

There is no scheduled maintenance affecting facility availability.