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Check Casual Shooting times here

Eagle Stadium Casual Play

Casual Entry is $4.10 and gives you access to available court space throughout the day of purchase for basketball and netball activity.*

While casual shooting times are subject to last-minute changes, based on bookings at the beginning of the week, projected hours for this week are:

Monday 6th August          Full availability                        6:00am-4:30pm

Tuesday 7th August         Limited availability                  9am-1pm

Wednesday 8th August    Limited availability                  9am-2pm & 2.30pm-4pm

Thursday 9th August        Full availability                        6am-4.45pm

Friday 10th August           Full availability                        6am-4.45pm

We suggest you please call Eagle Stadium on 8734 5677 prior to arriving for casual shooting and we will confirm whether space is available.
Can I book my own court for my friends or family to come and play?

Casual court bookings are available to members of the general public and can be placed up to four
weeks in advance (subject to availability). You can book over the phone by calling Eagle Stadium on 8734 5677 or drop in and we can assist you with your booking at reception. 

CLICK HERE for more information on casual court hire at Eagle Stadium.

*WynActive Members receive free Casual Entry, but please note that Casual Entry is subject to
courts being available - call Eagle Stadium on 8734 5677 and we can advise you of available times. This
does not apply to WBA or WNA related bookings.