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Aquatics & Recreation Victoria Annual Awards

AquaPulse voted top facility in the State for Water Safety

We are thrilled to announce that Wyndham City Council's premier aquatic facility, AquaPulse has been awarded the title of "Watch Around Water - Facility of the Year" at the recent Aquatics & Recreation Victoria (ARV) Awards. The annual awards provide recognition from within the aquatics and recreation industry for outstanding achievement in a range of categories. As this year's winner in the "Watch Around Water" category, AquaPulse was judged to be Victoria's top facility in providing innovative and effective strategies aimed at educating our community about water safety, and structuring a safe environment for children to swim.

Included as one of our organisation’s core values, Safety is at the forefront of all that we do. Walking through AquaPulse, you will see various strategies tailored to many different groups and ages to encourage safe behaviours in and around water. This includes large-scale “Watch Around Water” messaging in all the major languages which reflect the diverse cultural mix of the Wyndham Community. Our Learn To Swim Program is structured to teach children how to swim AND survive in and around water.

Bruce Mackay, CEO of Western Leisure Services was thrilled to accept the reward, stating:

“AquaPulse created a range of innovative strategies to engage parents and guardians charged with the responsibility of monitoring the movements of children around the centre. These strategies were promoted in different languages, communicated regularly across many different mediums and have been hugely successful. We are proud that our industry leading ideas, creativity and commitment to staff training and safety has been recognised through this Award.”

In view of our achievement, we would like to highlight the significance of our continued, close partnership with Life Saving Victoria, whom we thank for their role in the development of our outstanding team of lifeguards; a team which is enriched by the inclusion of young men and women of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who have gained their qualifications by participating in LSV's specialised multicultural program. We are proud to acknowledge the contributions of those who have joined our team via this pathway, which enables individuals from marginalised cultural groups to pursue an aquatic education, while providing enhanced opportunities for inclusiveness in our community.

Finally, we thank the Wyndham community for the critical role that parents and guardians play each day in keeping children safe while enjoying our facilities. Water safety is always a team effort in every major aquatic facility, and is only possible where there is genuine buy-in from everyone involved.

ARV Award 2017